Kent Road Photos are a selection of photographs taken over the years as a record of what the area around Finnieston in Glasgow was and is now.

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1015 Argyle Street

1015 Argyle Street

the close

1015 Argyle Street

the backcourt

The houses on the right are the back of Minerva Street

1015 Argyle Street

the backcourt

In the 50's it was hard ground - no greenery

1015 Argyle Street

The door into the close from the backcourt.

The wee window to the right was the close toilet used by the shops.

1015 Argyle Street

The dunny stairs down to 1005 Argyle Street

Never used to have a door on it. Favourite place for hide and seek

1015 Argyle Street

the stairs going up to the first landing

1015 Argyle Street

the stairs down to the close from the first landing

1015 Argyle Street

My pal Tommy Melroses old house

1 up middle door

1025 Argyle Street

Gap area left after demolition of 1025 Argyle Street in 1975 after it was discovered to be sinking into the railway tunnel below. New development has just started.

1025 Argyle Street

Development sign

1025 Argyle Street

Block of tenements in Argyle Street with gap left after demolition of 1025

Finnieston shops

Shops from 1019 Argyle Street to corner of Minerva Street at Finnieston Cross.

Finnieston junction

Argyle Street at Finnieston junction looking East.

Finnieston junction

Argyle Street looking west.

Finnieston Junction

Argyle Street looking west. The building in the centre is the junction of Argyle Street and Minerva Street. The traffic coming from the left is from Finnieston Street.

Kelvin cinema redevelopment

The Kelvin Cinema was finally demolished in 2005 having been through various changes since its last film was shown.

It had been a Bingo hall, concert venue and restaurant.

752 Argyle Street

The old Savings Bank of Glasgow at the corner of Shaftesbury Street

Argyle Street

Looking west from where the Gaiety picture house was towards Elderslie Street

Argyle Street

Towards the city centre - these flats replaced where St. Marks Lancefield Church stood

Argyle Street

From Elderslie Street looking towards the city centre

Argyle Street

The Tree

Argyle Street

The Buttery restaurant. The large building behind it is The Hilton Hotel

Famous shops

The famous Skibo cafe, haunt of local teenagers in the sixties

Famous shops

Jonathan Harvey - Funeral undertakers

Famous shops

Kelvingrove Cafe

Junction of Kelvinhaugh Street and Argyle Street

The Gaiety

In 1963, the old Gaiety Picture hall became the temporary home of the Glasgow Concert Hall after the St. Andrews Halls burnt down.