Kent Road Photos are a selection of photographs taken over the years as a record of what the area around Finnieston in Glasgow was and is now.

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Argyle Street


Beltane Street


Berkeley Street


Breadalbane Street


Brechin Street




Claremont Street


Cleveland Street


Dorset Street


Dover Street


Elderslie Street


Elliot Street


Finnieston Tunnel


Kelvingrove Park


Kent Road


Kent Road School


La Belle Place




North Street


Park Drive & Quadrant


Pembroke Street


Woodside School


Scotstoun showground

Breadalbane Street sign

This signpost appears to have been left over from the days when Breadalbane Street ran through to Berkeley Street. It's still there but the junction's long gone

Breadalbane Street

Junction of Breadalbane Street with St. Vincent Street.

Substantial development has taken place of the original ground floor housing to accomodate the SPAR shop.

Breadalbane Street

Only 1 original close remains, the rest of this side of Breadalbane Street having been redeveloped into new flats.