Kent Road Photos are a selection of photographs taken over the years as a record of what the area around Finnieston in Glasgow was and is now.

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Argyle Street


Beltane Street


Berkeley Street


Breadalbane Street


Brechin Street




Claremont Street


Cleveland Street


Dorset Street


Dover Street


Elderslie Street


Elliot Street


Finnieston Tunnel


Kelvingrove Park


Kent Road


Kent Road School


La Belle Place




North Street


Park Drive & Quadrant


Pembroke Street


Woodside School


Scotstoun showground

Kent Road School

The school

Kent Road

Looking north-east from the junction with Brechin Street.

The school and the janny's house are now looking pretty derelict

Kent Road

The gushet (junction) of Kent Road and Argyle Street.

The Two Ways pub on the corner features prominently in the Rab C Nesbit BBC series.

Kent Road

Looking north-east towards Charing Cross from junction of where Claremont Street was. The houses on the right are on Dover Street. The tree area was where the Kent Road houses were.

Kent Road

Original homes between Granville Street and Elderslie Street

Kent Road

Junction of Kent Road and Elderslie Street

Kent Road

The bottom where it joins Argyle Street.

The pub on the corner was The Sandyford Bar, the shop next to it was our local chip shop, and the big shop to the corner of Brechin Street was a plumbers.

The brackets for the tram power lines can still be seen just above the two satellite dishes.

Kent Road

Looking east towards the city

The street across the bottom is Elderslie Street.

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